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Getting the Callback – How to Give a Winning Audition

You’ve always dreamed of being an actor. You’ve been to dozens of auditions, but you have yet to receive a callback. You know that you have what it takes to be an actor but can’t figure out why the first audition is your last. Getting a callback isn’t simply about being talented, it is about preparation and execution. Take control of your next audition with these helpful tips.

Be Confident – Being confident takes practice. The minute you walk through the door, you are being judged, so you want to walk in with your head held high. Practice good posture and body language before you arrive.

Make a Connection – Be familiar with the material, if you can memorize the material so you can maintain eye contact. Making a connection with the reader will make the scene natural and more believable.

Know the Character – Read the entire script so you can pick up as many clues as possible about the character. You can gain insight into what the character thinks about him/herself, what the other characters think about him/her, and what the writer thinks about him/her.

Play the Opposites – There are more than the obvious ways to portray emotions. You can show anger or hatred in other ways besides yelling. Playing opposites is a much more exciting way than playing the obvious.

Kim Tassinari is new on the scene, but she has already found some success as an actress. With little experience as an actress, she meticulously prepared to audition for the role of Lady Macbeth. After nailing her audition, Kim found herself playing Lady Macbeth on a small, intimate stage in North Hollywood.


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