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What Special Skills Do You Have ?

If you aren’t presenting yourself professionally or effectively enough in the skills section of your acting resume, then you may be missing out on numerous opportunities to be cast in a commercial. When casting directors are looking to fill roles for their commercials or theatrical roles, they are often looking to cast someone with a specific set of skills. When you are first starting your acting career, your skills can land you more auditions and can be responsible for getting you cast in more jobs.

Anything that you excel in, have experience doing, or do well can be considered a skill and should be listed on your resume. Since most roles require someone with certain skills, the skills section on your resume can be influential in getting you auditions. The way in which you present your skills can either be the reason you land an audition or the reason your phone has remained silent.

The order in which you list your skills is also important when it comes to preparing your resume. The skills that you are most proficient in should be listed first, followed by those skills that might be higher in demand. The skills that you have less experience in or haven’t done in a while should appear at the end of the list along with those skills that are more obscure.

Kim Tassinari has enjoyed early success as an actress. After retiring from a career in medicine, Kim has appeared in several local television commercials and starred in some local theater performances in North Hollywood.

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