Kim Tassinari -Acting–The Higher-Ups are Not Evil

17 Oct

Walking into casting calls is intimidating for acting talent. The system of people who vet the talent before they ever get to audition for roles is extensive. Acting talent usually goes through a manager, an agent and a casting director before they have their chances to impress the director. The talent is judged throughout the process, by every person that arranged their appearance before the director. This doesn’t mean that the process, or the people in it, are against the talent or that they are trying to make them look bad, though. For example, when actress Kim Tassinari auditions for a role, she understands that it is in everyone’s best interest for her to excel.

When actors and actresses do well at casting calls, they make everyone who screened them look good. The director trusts the talent’s manager, the talent’s agent and the project’s casting director more with each successful audition. None of the people who screened the talent for the director want to look bad, so they want the talent to be at their best.

Some aspiring actors and actresses feel that, because they are new on the scene, the manager, agent and casting director want them to fail. While it can seem this way when they receive several rejections in a row, it’s quite the opposite. Directors love being wowed by someone that they’ve never heard of. It is exciting to wonder if this new actor or actress is the next huge star. It’s even beneficial for everyone involved – being associated with the beginning of a famous celebrity usually fosters a good reputation.

Actors and actresses who keep this rule in mind, like Kim Tassinari does, are less likely to feel disheartened when they don’t land a role. They smile and pick themselves up to move onto the next opportunity.

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