Kim Tassinari – Starting Off on the Wrong Foot

02 Nov

Almost all actors and actresses start off on the wrong foot – unless they avoid rushing into their careers, that is. For example, Kim Tassinari dreamed of being an actress for most of her life, but she waited to pursue the career. It wasn’t until she had pursued her profession as a doctor and retired after 15 years that she began acting. Her success at the beginning of her acting career is because she started with herself. Acting talent has a higher rate of success if they start by making themselves better people, deciding what they want from acting and removing as many obstacles as possible.

Actors and actresses that have several negative traits often start off poorly because they are focused on greed, selfishness and anger. When they make themselves into better people, they are usually aiming for happiness, simplicity and achievements. Directors are more likely to give talent with better qualities a chance, even if they have never heard of the actors or actresses before.

Acting talent that doesn’t know what they want will also often start off on the wrong foot. This is because they might blindly rush in and, as a result, make bad impressions. By taking the time to decide what they want from their acting careers, talent can carefully approach the industry so that they make good first impressions. Networking is key to succeeding as an actor or actress, and good impressions make networking more effective.

When actors and actresses attempt to begin their acting career while they still have financial, familial or educational obstacles in their paths, they often fail. Kim Tassinari removed obstacles in her path by first pursuing a successful career as a doctor, happily retiring and then making a clear acting plan before she began. This approach is more likely to help acting talent succeed in the difficult industry.

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